Enchanting entertainment to delight, amaze and captivate audiences of all ages.

Follies Fantastique is the latest astoni-  shing comedy creation from Australia's Multi-Award winning master marionettist , Murray Raine.

"Follies Fantastique" is a stylish burles-que cabaret revue set aboard a luxury cruise liner and staring an unforgettable cast of eye-popping marionettes and rod puppets.

Fun, mystifying, moving, bizarre, and just a little cheeky, it blends the best of contemporary and popular music, spectacular design, dazzling costumes, stunning multi-media images , hilarious audience interaction and simply brilliant puppetry, to create a wonderful world of the extraordinary, the exotic and the unusual.

"Follies Fantastique" continued...

With a duration of 50 minutes this dazzling, sassy, visually delightful creation is simply brimming with sparkling burlesque beauties and quirky puppet characters. 

Murray has assembled a stellar and highly skilled specialist team of writers, directors, storytellers, designers and video artists, who under his creative guidance have brought this fresh and totally unique piece of theatrical entertainment to life.

So all aboard, let us tempt and tease you at Follies Fantastique. A funny, enchantin- ly wicked entertainment, certain to delight, amaze and mesmerise audiences of all ages !

Our amazing production team:

Original Concept and Design: Murray Raine.
Writer and Lyricist: Linda Nagle.
Multi- Media Producer and Editor: Peter Oldham.
Director: Sue Wallace.
Costumes: Judy Burnett.
Puppet Construction: Steve Coupe, Murray Raine, Sue Wallace.
Sound-track Design: John Rowe, Jim Blackfoot.



Enchanting entertainment to delight, amaze and captivate audiences of all ages.



Las Vegas: synonymous for bright lights, big stars and fabulous entertainment.

Australia’s multi-award winning, Murray Raine, presents his international cabaret revue “It’s Vegas On A String!”, featuring a spectacular star studded cast of outrageous and unforgettable marionettes.

Expect the unexpected as the world’s most highly strung entertainers hit the stage! From Pavarotti to Lady GaGa the pace is exhilarating and seductive, in a kaleidoscope of dazzling costumes created by Australia’s leading theatre designers and enhanced by the music and sounds of the fab 60’s to the new millennium.

"It's Vegas On A String" continued...

This amazing revue is far more than just another puppet variety show. Its dramatic lighting and meticulous choreography transport and hypnotise the audience into a world of humour, wit and spectacle. Murray Raine invites the spectator into his universe of the Bizarre and captivating charm of puppetry.

Australia’s irrepressible master marionettist Murray Raine performs solo in full view of the audience. His show is a mixture of multi-media, pre-recorded music and hilariously wicked live audience interaction.

With a flexible duration of 12 to 60 minutes this elegant production can be incorporated as an addition to a full scale show or presented by itself. Featuring a cast of 20 flamboyant marionettes with designs by legendry artist and puppeteer Norman Hetherington (Mr Squiggle) and constructed by Murray Raine, Tony Urbano,  Steve Coupe and Sue Wallace. The outstanding sound-scape that accompanies the show is designed by John Rowe with set-design by Peter Oldham.

Puppets Sydney, Puppets Australia or Puppets the World, Murray brings to the stage a cast of international divas in a slick and outrageously funny cabaret act. “It’s Vegas On A String!” is a delectable, sparkling and humorous revue that is guaranteed to delight and surprise. A promotional video is available on the Fun Animation Website.


The words “sophistication” and “children’s puppet entertainment” are not often linked but this was the goal when Murray Raine originally conceived "Puppets Australia" which grew and developed into “It's Raining Puppets”.

From the moment this show begins in an explosion of vibrant colour and music the audience realise they are in for a roller-coaster ride of pure delight!

“It’s Raining Puppets” is an inspiring solo variety show like no other, solely designed as family entertainment and offering the same high quality production values that audiences expect from Murray’s multi award-winning adult show “It’s Vegas On A String!”.

"It's Raining Puppets" continued...

This show boasts a dazzling cast of 25 marionettes, rod and glove puppets, each puppet meticulously crafted and featuring truly spectacular costumes.

The pace is non-stop as a menagerie of wild characters and creatures dance, sing and magically transform themselves. There’s the chaotic  acrobatic clowns, koalas somersault on a trapeze and a rock band of the most flamboyant monkeys ever to hit the stage. Let's not forget some surprising guest appearances from some of the world's most highly strung entertainers..Elvis, Pavarotti or even  Lady Gar Gar are bound to captivate and delight leaving the audience wanting more !

The elegant staging is open plan so the audience can actually see Murray manipulating the puppets; the show is a combination of pre-recorded music, sound-effects and hilarious live interaction.  With a flexible duration of 30 to 45 minutes “It’s Raining Puppets” has been specifically designed for family themed festivals , theatres and major corporate events.

Apart from International festival appearances from Dubai to Taiwan this show has extensively played to sell-out tours throughout Australian schools and Arts Centres, receiving the “highly recommended” from the Education Department and rave reviews from the schools themselves! A promotional video is available on the Fun Animation Website.