Murray Raine grew up in Newcastle, New South Wales. His initial interest and love of puppetry was triggered at the early age of six. Following a performance by the iconic “Marionette Theatre Of Australia” at Waratah Infants school, he knew a career in puppetry was his destiny! 

Now four decades later Murray is regarded as Australia’s leading “cabaret” marionettist. Since 1985 he has extensively worked and toured in Australia’s major theatres including principal roles for the “Marionette Theatre Of Australia”, Peter Oldham’s “Performing Puppet Company”, "Puppets Sydney" and the $12,000,000 stage spectacular “Pan” (co-produced by The Jim Henson Company, famous for the Muppets).

Murray’s vast career in puppetry has led to an outstanding body of work in theatre, film, night-clubs, cabaret rooms, television, major corporate functions , cruise ships, International arts festivals and television commercials as well as directing and lecturing in the art of puppetry.

In 1988 he was chosen to study with the world-renowned “Phillippe Genty Co” of France.

His numerous television credits include: “Farscape”, “The Midday Show”, “Wonderworld”, “Ridgy Didge”, “FoxKids”, "Puppets Australia" , “The Andrew Denton Show” and “Good Morning Singapore” just to name a few!

The countless television commercials include the famous pasta family for “Dolmio Pasta Sauces” in Australia and the UK . From 1987 to 1989 he presented Australian Life Education Centre’s “Harold G.Raffe”, the witty giraffe glove puppet for ATN 7’s live morning “Cartoon Connection” show.

Murray is perhaps most famous and regarded for his own amazing solo cabaret shows. His enormously popular family show “It’s Raining Puppets” has enthralled audiences across Australia, Singapore,
Thailand, Taiwan, the Philippines and such exotic ports as Dubai in the Middle East. A command performance for royalty at the palace of the United Emirates was a highlight and shows the high esteem in which this international artiste is held.

Apart from the demands of festivals and school touring for children, Murray is highly sought after for his exhilaratingly wicked adult cabaret “It’s Vegas On A String!”, featuring hilarious caricatures of ; Elvis , Dolly Parton , Tom Jones , Madonna , Shirley Bassey,  Whitney Houston and Lady GaGa.  This spectacular revue has twice won him the prestigious Australian entertainment industries' "Mo Award" for outstanding visual act; he is the only puppeteer to have been the recipient of this honour.